a person signing a personal loan document

Let’s say that you need money quickly, urgently, and unexpectedly. You might be able to borrow cash from a friend or family member, sell something that you own, or take out a personal loan through Service Loan South. We offer fast and affordable loans for any reasonable purpose, and we make it easy to pre-qualify online or visit our conveniently located branches in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas.

But a question we often get is, "How long does it take to get a personal loan?" especially if money is needed right away for an emergency

How Long Does a Loan Take to Get Approved?

We have made our loan application process as straightforward as possible so you can get the money you need without hassle or delay. To get the process moving quickly, fill out our online application. You can choose your closest branch location and click the “Apply Now” button to input your personal information.

Once you submit your application, the local Service Loan South branch or an affiliate will contact you within 1 hour. We’re that fast to get money in your hands ASAP! After we approve your loan and you’ve submitted the required documents, we’ll start transferring the money to your account by direct deposit.

How Long Does a Personal Loan Take to Pay Off?

The amount of time it takes to pay off a personal loan depends upon the loan amount you were approved for, what your monthly payments are, and if you can make your payments on a regular schedule. You can use a loan payoff calculator to estimate how much your monthly payments will be based on the borrowed amount, interest rate, credit score, loan terms, and other factors. There are potential advantages and disadvantages to paying off a loan early.

Get A Personal Loan Quickly and Affordably

The sooner you start the application process, the sooner we can set you up with a personal loan between $500 and $1,500. If you make your monthly payments on time, our personal loans can help you rebuild and maintain your credit score to have greater financial freedom in the future.

If you aren't comfortable completing your loan application online, we also offer you the option of applying for a personal loan by phone or in person by visiting a local branch. You'll have peace of mind that you completed everything accurately and to the best of your ability while receiving the expert help of our staff. Whether you need money for car or home repairs, tuition, seasonal expenses, monthly bills, or something else, we are here to answer all your questions and expedite the process of getting a loan right away.